PhD Students

Colin Cartade is working on differential geometry on digital surfaces Maciej Mostowski is working on fast animations with the voxel-based golbal illumination method Florent Brunet (co-advised by Adrien Bartoli) is working on surface reconstruction and its applications to vision and image processing Rita Zrour (co-advised by Fabien Feschet) is now Associate Professor at the Université de Poitiers. Has defended her PhD in december 2007. She is working on parallel cluster methods for voxel global illumination. She succesfully defended her PhD in october 07. Download Thesis (in French) Thibault Marzais (co-advised by Yan Gérard) Has defended his PhD in December 2008. He workd on a progressive G^1 interpolation method non-organized sets of points with uniformly bounded. Download Thesis (in French) Lukasz Piwowar Defended his PhD in November 2009 He is now instructor at the University of Wroclaw Has began to work for his PhD in September 2003 He designed a reconstrauction phase by raytracing for voxel-based global illumination and more. Download Thesis (in English) Pierre Chatelier Has obtained his PhD in december 2006. He is now R&D developper. He has improved the complexity of voxel radiosity, by solving visibility in optimal time and by generalizing the method to interpolated BRDF. download thesis (in French) Jasmine Burguet Has obtained her PhD degree in december 2002. She is now full-time regular researcher in the INRA She has defined parallel thinning techniques within a digital surface, and a polygonalisation method for digital surfaces. She performs boolean set operations on continuous and discrete surfaces. She has also developped these techniques for multi-scale digital surfaces, i.e. surfaces for a non uniform voxel space. download thesis (in French) Sébastien Fourey has obtained his PhD degree by July 11, 2000. He is now associate professor at the ENSI de Caen He has studied new discrete tools such as intersection and linking numbers for discrete curves on digital surfaces and in 3D, and has used these tools to provide good characterizations of topology preservation. download thesis (in English) Alexandre Lenoir (co-advised by M. Revenu) has obtained his PhD in September 1999. He is now developper in a private firm. He has defined several tools for image processing and image analysis for non planar images (supported by a digital surface), including thinning algorithms, normal vector and curvature estimation, geodesics. download thesis (in French)