Omelette with Swiss Chards, Pasta and Mozzarella

A tortilla (or omelette) consists of eggs, which we whip with a fork, to which we add ingredients to enhance the taste, and possibly to make the dish more complete by adding vegetables, starchy foods, cheese, etc. Here, I add some Swiss chard leaves which I spared while cooking the stalk in another recipe (see for example the Swiss Chards with Carrots and Potatoes ). I also use some previously boiled pasta, and spices (fresh curcuma, gelly of piment d'espelette (hot pepper), and other herbs.

Figure 1. Ingredients for the tortilla.

Put the vegetables and pasta in a frying pan. Put the cheese on the top, cut in cubes. Heat up with a cover on moderate heat. Whip the eggs along with the spices and herbs.

Figure 2. Heat up the vegetables and whip the eggs with the spices.

When the vegetables are hot enough and the cheese begins to melt, pour the whipped eggs over into the frying pan, and keep cooking on moderate heat with a cover. The cover allows for the eggs to be cooked in depth, as the cover maket the temperature more uniform in the preparation.

Figure 3. Pour the whipped eggs and keep cooking with a cover.

There are several ways to finish, which are always risky. You can leave the omelette as is to be served runny; you can turn the omelette like a pancake to cook on the other side; I chose to fold the omelette in two. Keep cooking depending on your taste. Some people like it runny; some really don't...

Figure 4. Keep cooking until you like the consistency.