Swiss Chards with Carrots and Potatoes

Swiss Chards are composed of two different parts, which are often cooked separately: the stalks and the blades. I describe here how to cook the stalks with carrots, potatoes, and other foods and condiments enhancing taste and providing liquid (olives, herbs, wine, and additional water or broth if required). If you use ready made broth, choose organic, palm-oil free and salt free broth. You can find an example of use of the blades in the Omelette with Swiss Chards, Pasta and Mozzarella .

Figure 1. All the ingredients for the recipe.

Separate the chard's stalks. Peel off the carrots and potatoes, and rinse all the vegetables. Let the carrots and onions to brown in separate pans.

Figure 2. Main preparation stages.

Mix all the ingredients in a large pan. Add some water or broth to make sure the preparation doesn't dry-off too much during cooking. Cook on moderate heat for one hour and a half (90 minutes) with a cover.

Figure 3. Cook with a cover. Example with Tuna With Soya Cream and Spices .