Roasted Stuffed Chicken With Chestnuts

Prepare the filling with with chopped meat, dry bread, plain yoghurt and herbs or spices (I like it with fresh Tarragon or fresh Basil if I have some). Most of the time, some inner parts which have been removed from the inner chicken, such as the liver, are chopped along with the filling. Some people add olives or (why not?) shallots...

I add a sufficient quantity of salt to the filling to diffuse to the whole chicken flesh during the baking. Putting salt on the chicken's skin is a bad idea, both aesthetically, and for the consistency/taste of the skin. Chop and mix the whole filling, and insert it into the chicken.

Cover the chicken's skin with some vegetable oil which resists cooking such as grapevines seeds, peanuts, or olive oil. This will improve the roasted aspect and consistency of the chicken's skin.

Figure 1. Prepare the filling and insert it into the chicken using a spoon.

Bake the chicken on moderate heat (170 to 175 Celcius) for one hour and a half (90 minutes). A quarter of an hour before the end of this baking time, add Boiled Chestnuts alongside the chicken, so that the chestnuts steep in the chicken's fatty juice (this can also be done with roasted potatoes if you don't have chestnuts).

Figure 2. Bake the chicken on moderate heat (170 to 175 Celcius)
for 90 minutes

While the chicken if baking, you can prepare other vegetables, such as steamed pumpkin, to make the dish lighter and more balanced. A the end of the cooking, remove the filling with a spoon and put it in a dish, remove the chicken and put it on a large plate or wooden plank to be cut-off, and pour the chicken's sauce in a bowl for guests to use on their plates (this will make the dish less dry).

Figure 3. Example with steamed pumpkin-like-vegetable.